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Moving Forward

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 7:35 AM

Hey there!

Do you sometimes feel like you have become stagnant in your health, movement, life, etc?

You are not alone. We all go through these periods in our lives. We know in our mind that we need to drink more water. eat healthier, exercise regularly, rest/relax, breathe, and all those other things that we know will make us feel better but sometimes we just don't do it. Stop beating yourself up about it.

The key to moving forward is to remember that sometimes you are not going to just get up and feel motivated to get something done but you have to push yourself to do it anyway.This is a really good reason to have an ally who will hold us to our highest standard.

An ally is some you connect with, join, unite with or become a partner with in order to reach your milestone.

This person does not necessarily need to be a friend or even someone you already know. It could be someone who you just met who is going through the same phase of life as you.

When you choose your ally, make a pact with them. Put it in writing. Create a check-in date and time and put it in your calendar. Agree to absolutely be honest with each other so that you can each move forward. And most of all, HAVE FUN! Find things that you can each bring to the alliance that will create an atmosphere that is pleasant because we tend to want to do things that we enjoy and have fun doing.

In health and love,


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