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This blog is meant to be motivational, first for myself and then for anyone else who might read it.

It is meant to be honest, fun and educational.

I will not post anything on this blog that is not real-life experience or has not been thoroughly researched.

Rudeness, carelessness and advertising in comments is unacceptable.

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Sometimes you feel like a nut!...and sometimes you don't.

Posted on April 20, 2016 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (2)

I'm referring to a health nut here.

There are days when you are all gung ho - let's do this! Get up! Exercise! Eat healthy! Be positive! Live it!

These are the good days. You are excited and full of energy and want to share your great feelings and mood with everyone around you.

There are days when you are all grrr - I am so not there. Let me just sleep ten more minutes. I don't feel like working out. I want to eat a bag of chips. Blah.

These are the hard days and if you can stay motivated and pull yourself through these days you will really love the reward in the end and you will even feel good that you pushed yourself to at least be a little healthy. These are the days that you need to be accountable to your partner, friends, family or a health coach to help you stay on track.

One of the many negative things that we do is beat ourselves up for not being all gung ho every day. What we need to do instead, is be excited and happy when we are gung ho AND when we are having a blah day. If we learn to be ok that we did less but still maintained a degree of healthy living, we would in turn feel healthier than when we just let go completely and then berate ourselves for jumping headlong off the wagon.

Go out and be happy!


Time Away

Posted on April 17, 2016 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Good evening!

So I know that I have not written anything here in a few weeks. I have been immersed in learning. Learning is something that we should never stop doing. I love learning and I am learning a lot that is going to help me and in turn will help you.

 I am taking classes on health, nutrition, motivation, success and most of all happy freedom! I am seriously looking forward to taking you on this journey with me.

One thing that I learned over the past few weeks is that my number one goal is to see people smiling and happy. Life should not be a drudge. We should not be waking up every morning dreading the day. Every day should be a new day to learn, to live, to hope, to succeed and to be freely happy and we are going to make this happen in our lives together!

Let's be free and happy together, daily.


What's your Self Image?

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I believe that one of the first steps to becoming healthy or fit is to change your self image.

You are not fat, you are not ugly, you are not worthless.

You may be unhealthy at this moment in your life because you have unhealthy habits. 

You may feel unattractive because of your self image or possibly because someone in your life has spoken those words into your life.

Your worth comes from what you have inside you not from how you look on the outside.

Your family and friends may say things that are intended to encourage you but hurt your self image instead. Try to change the way that you receive these words into your life. If they are using truly harmful or negative words, you should either talk to them about these words or put some distance in your relationship with them.

Negative words are any words that create a bad vibe or feeling in your being. This includes words like obese. Learn to use only the facts from a health screening/assessment to gauge where you are rather than descriptive words.

Harmful words are words like fat, lazy, useless, worthless, etc. these are words that you should ban from your vocabulary where they pertain to people.

Here is an exercise that will help. At first you may have to make yourself do it but in time, you will subconsiouly just think the thoughts. Stand in front of the mirror when you get out of the shower and say out loud, "You are beautiful and sexy."

Don't think for one second that I have not done this myself because I have and even though I did not believe it when I first started saying it, over time, it changed the way I looked at myself. Now there are times that I look in the mirror and say things like, 'you are awesome'. It is really good self therapy.

Another thing you might try, is looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling. Oh, sure, you think it's silly right now but remember, the things you practice will show up in your life. Happy people smile, if you want to feel happy, practice smiling.

Be Beautiful and Healthy!


Education and Practice

Posted on March 26, 2016 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I have been doing some learning about being healthy and fit. There are a lot of really good programs out there but you have to beware of schemes and fads.

Education - I have learned that my body knows what makes me feel good and healthy. I have been eating very healthy for about 3 weeks and then I had two less than healthy meals in one day and I literally felt sick to my stomach in the middle of the night. I knew it was the food because since then I have not felt sick like that and prior to that day I did not feel sick. Trust your mind and body to teach you what is healthy and what is not.

Practice- I hold the firm belief that being healthy and fit is about more than your body image and your food intake. You need to be healthy in mind and soul as well. I have been doing some learning about mindfulness and spiritual clarity as well as health and nutrition. One of the first steps I have done is to start and maintain a daily gratitude journal. Each night before I go to sleep, I write down three things that I am thankful for. It is not always something different because there are certain people and things in my life that I am thankful for every day and I always want them to be part of my gratitude journal so that I remember not to take them for granted. I do miss a night of writing here and there due to crazy schedules but I try to make it part of my nightly ritual.


What Motivates You

Posted on March 22, 2016 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I just finished listening to a webinar about goals. I think we all make plans to achieve goals but sometimes we do not really know what it is going to take to reach those goals. I, for one, have had dreams and really wanted to do things in my life only to be thwarted by an unknown force that I was not prepared for when I started.

We all need people in our lives who will help push us toward our goals. I have a great network of people who are helping me work toward my goals right now. You are reading this and only know my most outer goal which is to get fit, but I have other goals that I am working toward and getting fit is only the beginning. I am really excited and as we move along here, I will start revealing those goals to the people following along.

One of my goals is to be an inspiration to others. I want to help motivate you, inspire you, encourage you to be fit in mind soul and body.

I know this is a short one.


Celebrating Progress and How I Feel

Posted on March 20, 2016 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Just got in a 20 min 4.7 mile cycle and while I am worn out, I also feel great!

Speaking of feeling great, this week I celebrate my little successes and feelings. This is important. You need to share these little success and feelings with your support team. If they do not celebrate with you or if they return negative vibes, find a better support team because you need this!

1 - I started noticing that my pants were not as snug...I love it!

2 - I started noticing when I am walking that my stride seems more peppy - which equals happiness :-)

3 - I started noticing that I feel less bulky - this is a big one because I have felt 'heavy' for so long and sometimes I did not realize that was how I felt but when I started feeling lighter it just made me smile and smiling is awesome!

4 - I started feeling like my body was changing and I love the way it feels!!!

A little note about my support team - they are amazing!

A shout out to my wonderful husband who is the most amazing support coach I could have. He has helped me get in gear on the days I just feel blah and when I told him that my clothes were feeling loose, he smiled and told me that was great and I knew he was being sincere cause that is who he is.

My wonderful daughter Bethany - she gave me the means to log my daily activity to share with her and other friends so that we can all motivate each other. If you have a good support team, they will join your quest for a healthy life. I suggest using myfitnesspal from UnderArmour to connect with your team and log your progress.

My best friend in Tennessee who I left when I moved to SC and miss so very much - Anne Marie (love you girl!). Such an amazing friend and always supportive through the good and the bad times.

and all of my family members who have joined me on myfitnesspal - Mom, Sisters and Nieces - I love all you girls and I would like for you younger girls who are reading this to understand that this is a struggle for those of us who are 20 yrs your senior to get back into shape. Try to always stay active, it will mean less struggle for you when you are middle-aged.

Go out and be healthy!


Using Any Means Necessary

Posted on March 18, 2016 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

This morning I was making a peanut butter banana protein shake for my husband and I out of a mix. As I was drinking it, I told my husband - one day, we will be making these from fresh ingredients.

It is a lot of work to change a lifestyle. I have struggled with this over the past 8 years. For a while, we were doing good, working out, going to the YMCA, eating healthier and then along came a job opportunity that would change our lives significantly, we just did not know the toll it would take in the opposite direction. Sure I was making way more money but I went from working a 40 hour a week job 45 minutes from home to working an average of 60 hours a week over an hour from home.

I did not have anyone to encourage me to take 'short-cuts' because my husband was in the same boat I was but I want to encourage other people. If you feel like you just do not have time to workout. If you feel like you just do not have time to eat healthy. Take some short-cuts! Get up and be active for 5-10 minutes in the morning. Eventually you will start increasing the time as you feel better. Make a protein shake from a mix. It will start making you feel a little more energized because you are starting your day out with something healthier.

My great friend, Kelley (you know who you are girl and I love knowing you!) just introduced me to these great salad kits. Sure they are pre-made. Sure they might be less healthy because maybe there is some preservative or something processed in the kit but HEY I am trying to make a total life change and I need all the help I can get. I am not above taking a short cut if it cuts out the fast food burger and fries and gives me something WAY more healthy. And they are YUMMY!

Sweet Kale Salad Kit

Southwest Chopped Salad Kit with Cilantro Lime Dressing

Asian Salad Kit

Try them, I think you'll like them.

My point is, I want to change the way I feel, I want to change my bad habits and I want to be healthier. If that means that right now I need to take a short-cut so that I have time to eat, exercise and educate myself. I am most certainly going to.

Here's to healthy cheating!


Motivation Without Planning

Posted on March 14, 2016 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (11)

Sometimes motivation or inspiration may not be enough. I can have motivation and be all gung-ho to be active, to get fit, to eat healthy and not achieve any of this because I did not plan ahead.

Sometimes I am inspired to make a great new salad, or start a great new 'diet' or workout routine but I find that if I do not make plans, my motivation may end before it begins.

Personal Experience -

Day in and day out I would wake up in the morning motivated to get a workout in - just as soon as I got home from work. I would get up in the morning and decide that I would eat a salad at lunch and cook healthy food when I got home - just as soon as I stopped by the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. I did not plan, I just thought I was motivated to do it and I would do it. Reality is, I would get out of work late and be too tired to get a workout in or stop by the store and pick up ingredients and still have enough time to cook and eat before it was 9:00 pm.

I decide that I needed to get a notebook and write out my plan. I did not start with a full diet, exercise I am going to be in shape in ten days mentality. I started simple. I use my apple health to measure my daily footsteps and I made a goal to start trying to make sure that I walk at least two miles each day. Most of my footsteps were through just my daily walking to and from the printer at work, to and from my car, etc. When I got home, I would look at my steps and then I would get on my treadmill to put in the time necessary to reach my goal.

Reward- I felt a sense of accomplishment. When I started my goal I was walking approximately one mile per day and for the next two weeks I walked two miles each day because I made a plan and I made a goal.

A word of caution - START SMALL. Do not try to do it all in one fell swoop. Make goals that you can achieve.


You Must Start Somewhere

Posted on March 13, 2016 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

This is the first day of the rest of my life. This blog and website is about what it is taking for me to get fit. It is honesty. It is the struggle. It is the fun. It is the reward.

For the past six years, my husband and I have been talking about getting fit. We have done a few things to help but we have never really done it. We bought a treadmill and it sat in our living room in Tennessee virtually untouched because we never had time. We bought a weight bench with the notion that if we set it up, he could lift weights while I walk/run on the treadmill and we would workout together. It didn't happen. We bought gym mats so that we could do situps, pushups, etc. They sat in the closet unused. 

Does any of this sound familiar? Workout equipment does not motivate people.

If you want to be motivated, you have to motivate yourself. It is great if you have someone in your life who will also help motivate you but you have to be your number one cheerleader.

Truth and honesty, if you are doing this for someone else, you will not stay motivated. You have to do this for YOU! You are the most important person in your life. You may think that sounds selfish but if you do not take care of you, you will not be able to take care of anyone else long term. Do not be ashamed to put yourself first when it comes to your health because in the long run, it will make your life and everyone else in our your life much more enjoyable.

My first real struggle - I am a morning person and my husband is not. In the mornings, when I wake up I am usually just wide awake. He explained to me that when he wakes up in the mornings, he feels groggy for a little while and has to go through a process to 'wake up'. I knew that when I used to work out every day it was first thing in the morning and I felt much more active throughout the day. Mike had never done a morning workout routine and wanted to workout in the evenings. This was a struggle for us because we wanted to workout together so that we could motivate each other.

This past Monday morning, March 7, 2016, I woke up in the morning and told myself, you know what, you have to start somewhere. I got up out of bed, put on my workout clothes, pulled my hair back into a pony tail and got on the treadmill. Approximately 20 minutes later, Mike came into our room that we have designated our home gym (with all the previously mentioned equipment lol). I was on my mat, stretching after walking on the treadmill and I was 'done' working out for the morning. When I saw my husband turn the treadmill on, I was happy that he had decided to get up and workout but I was a little concerned because I was already done. Sitting there on my mat, I decided to just do more because I did not want him to lose his motivation for the morning.

My reward- I was motivated every morning to get up and workout and my husband got up and worked out with me. Until Friday, I was tired, I was a little sore, and I had not slept well due to work. I did not really want to get up and work out. Mike woke up Friday morning and when I told him I did not really want to work out, he said, let's just take it easy today and do some stretches but let's at least do something and that's what we did.

We are working on an overall program and I will share that with you as we go because it is not just about eating healthy and exercising.

Life is a daily fight for purpose and motivation. Live your daily motivation on purpose!


All In!

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When I decided to take this journey, there was not a single part of me that was not in it. I decided that I was going to do this mind, soul and body (hence the name of the website and company).

I have uncertainty for sure. I am not sure how everything is going to come together. I am not sure how long it is going to take to really get off the ground. I am not sure where I will find my clients.

What I do know, THIS is where I am going. THIS is where I need to be. THIS is going to change my life and the lives of many others I come into contact with.

When you are really ready to make a change, when you know you just cannot continue life as-is, low energy, mundane, blah, then you too will be ALL IN. We all reach this point and hopefully when you are there, I will be here with you, coaching you to a better, more vibrant, healthier you!

Love yourself and live more vibrantly!